Monday, September 1, 2008

Curve Cowboy Reunion

The Curve Cowboy Reunion was being held in Midway, UT. The Cowboys meet up once a year somewhere in the U.S. Most of them ride BMW LT bikes, but I guess they will let anyone in. Even me.
I pulled up on an old beat up Japanese twin bike. I was certain to park at the back of the lot where hopefully nobody would notice me. I only wanted to visit for an hour and spend some money at the vendor area. Even though I wasn't wearing a fancy name badge, there was not a person to stop me. The main vendor that I wanted to see was Mansoor, who owns Roadgear.
He sold me on his coconut socks a few weeks previous and I was looking for another pair. Go to the "socks" section at his site and check them out. They are comfortable, wick great so feet stay drier, and have anti-microbial properties so they stink less.
I also thought that I'd try a pair of gloves that were not held together with duct tape. Mansoor said that his Adaptive-Tec gloves were what I wanted. After a few rides in them, he was correct. Next on my list from Roadgear is one of the AirTec mesh jackets. High quality stuff that has a satisfaction guarantee that you don't find often.

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