Sunday, October 7, 2007

4 days in Moab

Rode Steelbender with Carpenter Mike and Chainsaw Mike as well as Fred. The next day we rode White Rim trail, less Fred. Clark joined me on Fins and Things while Mike pedaled and Mike rested. The last day Mike. Mike, and myself, rode up Long Canyon and looped back through Gemini Bridges.

We met Grant Else ( ) who was camped out on the White Rim, while on his way from British Columbia to Central America. Grant was riding a Suzuki Vstrom 1000.

On the same trail, we also met Rob and Nancy. They had been on their bikes for about 6 weeks, after leaving Portland, Maine. During that time, they had managed to get married while in California. They were working their way back home when we saw them. Nancy and Rob are the proprietors of Hugo's restaurant in Portland ( ). Rob was riding a Triumph Tiger and Nancy was on a BMW 650.

Photo of Rob and Nancy is by Chainsaw Mike

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